Monday, January 3, 2011

Remember last year when...

The house was squeaky, scrubbed, glammed and glowing?

And we laughed and sang carols with our family and friends?

When we tried 'em out in other linguas?

And the shutter caught the poppin' top?

When the sons threw in the white towel and it paid off?

Remember when we fell in love all over again?

When Chris gave me the evil eye?

And the newlyweds got mushy?

When Shellie and Izzy put on a fashion show?

The boys were back in town?
And Brayden got a new helicopter?

Remember when I had less than two hours to giggle with my gals?

And we got news that was so exciting AK actually agreed to set up the tripod and capture the moment?

Sam, Alex and gang rode into Dallas?

And the Trouble Twins jumped for joy when they saw me?

When mom and her sisters got sent to time out?

And Sam stood still long enough for this beauty?

Remember when Maria smiled so pretty?

And Franny showed off her new beautiful smile?

We took a trip to outer space?

And Alex crowned himself King of Sorry?

Remember when Gabe rang in the new year with his massive muscles?

What an amazing end to 2010!

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Kristi C. said...

Great post and great pictures!