Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mom, meet my new love interest...

We met each other online last night. I was bold enough to ask for his measurements, and he confided that he's been lonely in his storage unit for the last few years.

Sewing Machine Cabinet and I plan to meet in person soon. I'm nervous, but excited!

I've been telling the girls in my church's youth group that it's bad news to expect your boyfriend to change. You should be with someone for who they are today, not for who they'll be tomorrow.

Do as I say, not as I do, girls. Because I don't love SMC for who he is today.

But his new-hardware, re-covered (or pleated-slip-covered? ooh la la!), possibly-painted future is looking bright!

Think the ex will mind?


Angela said...

I want to sew again with you someday!

Laura said...

I know! We need to dedicate a whole weekend to it.

Think how cool it is that I can SEW a new slip cover for the SEWING bench WHILE sitting on it! Blows my mind. :)