Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Call me strange...

Nearly every time I walk into the ladies' bathroom at work I get these Ke$ha lyrics stuck in my head:

I've got a sick obsession / I'm seein' it in my dreams

Why?  Because I have a sick obsession with this amazing piece of furniture sitting in the two-stall bathroom.  It's filthy – covered in dust (and who knows what else) but it's so beautiful!

It would be perfect in a hallway or even as a small sofa table, because it's only about 10 inches wide.  I do have enough personal restraint that I have not measured it.  I did open the doors (by pulling on the mismatched hardware, mind you) to see what kind of storage it offers, and my oh my do I regret that decision.  Let me tell you, Ke$ha probably has some creative lyrics about that kind of pot o' gold, too.  Not only does it seem that someone was tired of wearing her undergarment, it seems she decided to store it in the public bathroom for safe keeping.  I think I also spotted some hygiene products that aren't even in production any more.

But, moving past the Ugly of this Ugly's how I imagine it blossoming into a beautiful swan!  Can't you just imagine?  I can.  Remember, I'm seein' it in my dreams.

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liam's mama said...

some of Micah's friend started buying, fixing up, and selling old furniture and are making good money. You should get into it in prep for a mom job :)