Thursday, July 14, 2011

That be one fun day!

After months and months of talking about taking these pictures, we finally did it!  My friend, whose husband is a B-1 pilot, first suggested it some time last year.  But the winter was too cold, the spring went by too fast, the dress took a while to order, I became a mom... and if we hadn't done it today it never would have happened because these two are moving to a land far, far away in a matter of days!

We weren't able to get on to the flight line to take pics with the B-1s that are actually in service, but this bad boy worked out just fine.

If you notice, the sidewalk is wet in some of the photos.  We had a little issue with sprinklers, which threatened to derail the entire shoot. :)

So, there they are!  I'm so happy to have been asked to take these and we'll see if any other wives are interested in doing it.  I hear there might be a black and white polka dot dress listed on eBay soon...