Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chuck Wagon Cuisine

Huzz was asked to be a guest judge in the Western Heritage Classic chuck wagon cookoff over the weekend. Me and Nikon came along for the ride.
And despite my objections and explanation that I was on a detox diet consisting of unprocessed foods, mainly fruits and veggies, I was recruited at the last minute to judge as well.
I judged the bread category. I could have chosen beans and probably remained faithful to my diet, but tasting 18 different varieties of chuck wagon beans sounded like it would make me want to, well, chuck. I think bread was a better choice than dessert. I'm not sure why they didn't just call the category "peach cobbler."Huzz picked meat, otherwise known as chicken fried steak.It was all made in authentic chuck wagons, although I saw a sprinkling of bottled water and hand sanitizer that I'm sure Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving would scoff at.

Did I mention I live in Texas?But that I very much appreciate my American citizenship?

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liam's mama said...

Oh my gosh HOW FUN. You have to invite us next year, I personally reject detox diets and would be delighted to judge :)