Tuesday, May 4, 2010

For the birds

I hate real birds. I think they're pretty gross. It might have something to do with the terrible grackle infestation at my college and the abatement process that had me dodging 7-8 bird carcasses every morning on my way from Mozart Hall to the GAB.

I adore, however, this new bird silhouette trend that's taking over right now. I'm convinced it's a fleeting trend (groan), but that's not going to stop me from jumping on board. Check out this adorable baby's room chandelier on Living with Lindsay. I can't stand how much I love it.So I got the bird itch this week and flew to Hobby Lobby on my lunch break today (ok, I'll stop) to pick up some scrap book paper and some frames. I had a very specific color and pattern scheme in mind -- butter yellow, gray, stripe, damask -- but the selection just wasn't right. Did that stop me, though? Did I leave with a plan to see what Michael's had on my way home from work? No. I settled. But I think I'm happy with my selections and will leave you with these two inspirations that I plan to turn into something beautiful (well, acceptable at least).Ok, I'm also inspired by the real-life ground nesting bird that set up a nursery in my front yard this season brooding over her four adorable speckled eggs. She's actually pretty sweet, even though I feel she's taunting me. If those things hatch on Mother's Day I will be super peeved.

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