Tuesday, May 11, 2010


After almost two years nestled in my buttery yellow 7'x9' office, I decided to decorate. This picture frame has sat empty since November, when I received it as a gift and stuck it up on the thumb tack which was already conveniently waiting for something to hold on to.
I didn't intend to use this small frame for my big bird silhouette project.
I bought two 11"x14" brown frames at Hobby Lobby last week for $3. I got home and spray painted them white and left them on the floor of the garage to dry. Huzz wasn't supposed to be home for another hour, but just five minutes after I went inside I heard a crunch and a car door. One of the frames was actually framing the bottom of the tire. They both had tracks on them, but neither broke. Maybe I'll use them in the future.
It all works out in the end, because I wasn't having any luck with my big art projects. I had taken the silhouette from the pillow in the post below and started to cut out the birds and branches, but it just wasn't working with my paper selection.
So I scaled down and made two little 3"x5" bird pics and now they're resting comfortably to my left on an otherwise blank wall.

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