Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My, that's one cush bracelet

I saw this tutorial on Tea Rose Home and knew it would be a quick and easy project that would make a good stocking stuffer-type gift for a special sewer in my life.

I am giving 100% credit to Tea Rose Home, but I found her instructions hard to read since they were interspersed with huge photos, so I'll retype them here with my trial and error notes.

  • Small silk flower (I pulled one apart to make two)
  • 5" diameter circle of fabric
  • 2" diameter circle of cardboard
  • Fabric for wrist band - wrist circumference+2" x 3.5"
  • Velcro (or a snap!)
  • Fusible fleece (I used plain old fleece) - mine was 7.5" x 1.5 "
  • Stuffing
  • Glue gun
  • Sewing machine
  1. Fold fabric rectangle in half, wrong sides out. Place/iron fusible fleece on one side and sew around permimeter, leaving a 3" gap along the long open end.
  2. Turn the fabric inside out and sew around the perimeter from the outside, creating a pretty top stitch. I think it would be cool to use a contrasting thread but I was too lazy to change out what was already in the machine.
  3. Sew the silk flower on to the center of the strap.
  4. Sew velcro at ends. I had snaps on hand from another project and was -- again -- too lazy to look for my velcro.
  5. To make the pin cushion, sew a running stitch around the circumference of the fabric circle. Tighten it and insert stuffing, then put in the cardboard circle before pulling it tight and sewing it shut.
  6. Hot glue the pin cushion to the flower. Insert a pearl head pin and commence photo shoot.

And, scene.

There is no photo for #2 because I forgot to upload it and I am... what's today's theme, class? "Lazy, Mrs. Kellerwoman." Good.Yes, they're a little out of order but they still correspond to the instructions.
Next time I'll have to include my nasty mini glue gun in the photo of materials. It's coated in glued-on dog hair from when I used to sit on the dirty carpet in our old apartment and get crafty. I now try to stick to the dining room table.

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