Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wedding collection complete

 Here comes the bride... all dressed in ivory.

I've blogged about this project a few times, so let's take a look back and see how it compares, shall we?  For instance, here you can see the pleated satin trim is totally silver, not taupe as it appears in the picture.  I also only used a tiny bit of the velvet leaves I ordered because they just looked flat.  Thankfully I found some silk hydrangeas in the perfect color.

Ring pillow, bow tie and garter
The color scheme also changed a bit from what we originally talked about.  Emily's bridesmaid dresses were originally going to be a taupe color but based on her bevy of blonde bridesmaids, she decided to go with a more complimentary crimson.

These were so hard to photograph – probably because of the colors and the ticking time bomb soon-to-wake baby – but hopefully you get the gist of it.

I'm a little sad I didn't take any pictures of the sewing process, but it was night time AND I was in the groove.  But I'd be happy to provide a step-by-step if anybody asks.

In the next month I'll add another photo of the headband I'm going to make Kate with all the leftover scraps.  She and Liam (the ring bearer) have to get a picture together!

Made with Dupioni silk and trim purchased on Etsy, the brown ribbon from the bride & groom's invite and rust silk hydrangeas found on a shelf in my living room.

I added a handle to the bottom for 2-year-old Liam to hold on to.  The rings won't actually be attached to the pillow.  He's just walking because he's so cute!

I sewed a two-inch strip of silk with a 1/2 inch pocket for the elastic to thread through.  The embellishments are hiding the issue of fraying fabric.  In the future, I wouldn't use Dupioni for something as over-worked as a garter.  And the feathers were found in my closet.  Goodness, I have a lot of pretty junk laying around!
Find the pattern for this tie at

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