Monday, August 22, 2011

Back in the sewing saddle

Other than the appliques on these cute "monthaversary" onesies. I haven't done any sewing since Kate was born. 

But that's about to change as I just ordered the supplies I need to make my friend's ring bearer pillow and bow tie and her garter!  I first wrote about it here.

They were my first ever purchases on Etsy.  The Dupioni silk in the middle is from a seller in India so I'm excited to tell Emily it's made of "imported silk."  Hopefully that will minimize the disappointment when it comes out crooked with last-minute hot glue strings all over it.

I haven't even started the project and I already feel a little like Denise when she is commissioned to sew a shirt for Theo.  Anybody?  No?  Here.

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EssentialEm said...

Hey - THAT's ME!! I can't believe it's almost here. Glad you've found your sewing saddle once more. I'd think that little girl of yours really puts the stops to day-long sewing projects, huh? ;)

Good luck and THANK YOU!!