Friday, November 12, 2010

"C" is for Coma

Put on your Carpenters Christmas album and your elastic pants and get ready for the party of the year!

I'm thrilled to announce that—yes—Kellerwoman will be attending the eighth annual Christmas Cookie Exchange 2010 hosted by my gals, E and M!

(It's like three weeks away, but who cares. I'm excited.)

See, I've moved around a lot since our days in Denton, when E and M hosted the first exchange with a whopping four guests at their little apartment. So I've only been able to attend this ever-growing party every other year or so.


What's the big deal about it, you ask?

What's the big deal?!

This is no ordinary cookie party, AS IF I had to that point out.


This is a full-on, blind judging, categorized, customized, prize-winning opportunity to show off your inner Martha and stick it to the competition!


And by "stick it to the competition," I mean load up a tray with all of their delicious cookies and hit the road, trying to come up with a story for your co-workers about how you were able to bake mini-batches of 35 different kinds of cookies over the weekend.

And that's where we enter coma status, my cookie-loving compadres. This party gets bigger and better every year, with more and more guests bringing more and more varieties that, for balanced ballot purposes, must all be tasted by all.

Insulin, anyone?


EssentialEm said...

Dearest Kellerwoman -

EssentialEM here....may we have a review of the 8th (I think) annual cookie party, Kellerwoman-style? Can't wait to see all the fun pictures!!!

Selfishly, I want to see how the party turned out! :)

Kellerwoman said...

I think it was the ninth, no? That's what M said... (M, as opposed to Em)

As soon as I can, girl. I be busy!