Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Christmas story

Curious Jacob here hung out with me on Saturday at the Gaylord Texan, where his parents asked me to snap a couple photos for a Christmas card. Jacob was being a stinker of the cutest kind, and I actually got a lot of great shots of him having fun. Pictures of all four of the Smiths smiling at the same time, however, proved a little trickier.

Nevertheless, we had fun walking around among the Christmas crowd.

Here's baby Noah, my godson!
I had read a lot online before we got there that the Gaylord Texan frowns upon photo sessions, but I couldn't find a lot about unassuming family portraits. There was NO problem. Everyone and their grandma had SLR cameras and babies wearing Christmas dresses. There was actually a sleigh set up for the sole purpose of posing for pictures. I didn't post that one here cuz I gotta feelin (woo hoo!) the Smiths are going to use that one for their Christmas card, and who am I to be a spoiler? The only problem with taking pictures was the fact that it was a Saturday morning and it was PACKED. No bueno.
The following picture cracks me up. It's so random. But the Gaylord was really crowded and we were trying to get creative. It looks like a photo from one of those university alumni magazines.

"Smith recognizes the importance of blending his interior landscaping and NFL marketing career with his role as husband and father of two."Over the past 10 or so years Carol and I have gone from friends to roommates to bridesmaids, and she's now a mother of two sweet boys! I love these pictures of her.
Merry Christmas, Smiths!

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Diane said...

Gorgeous photos! I enjoyed them and also reading your blog. thanks for sharing!