Sunday, October 31, 2010

Getting ready for Game Night

Whoops, not that one. :)
This one! I think this invitation turned out really cute. Sadly, there's a lot of turnover in the business we're in, so Mr. Kellerwoman (ok, fine, cat's outta the bag -- his name is Mr. KellerMAN) and I are frequently using our graphics skillz to create going away party invites, like the cute one below.Sometimes we have other kinds of parties, too, but not as many as we did in our younger days.
I was going to post a picture here of one of those "younger days" parties, but I've decided against it.
Soon I'm going to have to put together an invitation for my own party -- birthday #30! Mr. Kellerman could (and probably should) do it, but he's a lot busier than I am at this time of the year, and I think it's fun. Above is the Save the Date, which we decided to do since my birthday is in December, a month that fills up really fast.

Speaking of invitations, this one might be the best ever!


Dave and Shannon said...

I still contend the after party for hurricanes Rita and Katrina was the best, most creatively decorated party ever. Even if it didn't get exciting until the very end when we had someone in a tree and someone else asking your neighbors, questionable items....

Kellerwoman said...

Someone was in a tree?!?! If I'd taken a picture of the decorations on the house, I would have posted it, but all my pics are of people. Happy people.