Monday, October 11, 2010

Another 20 minutes with Ruth and Jake

Ruth and Jake are married! The 10-10-10 wedding was funky, elegant, emotional, and so happy. And it only lasted about 20 minutes :)
The asked me to do their wedding after I took engagement photos for them in February. At first I pretty much declined, because I know what it's like to have your wedding pictures ruined by an amateur photographer. Ahem.
I learned a LOT of lessons that day, and will swallow my ego and blog about the issues I encountered in the next post.
For now, these are a handful of the hundreds of photos I took with one camera, one lens, no lighting kit, and some expanding knowledge of Photoshop :)


EssentialEm said...

AWESOME SHOTS!! :) You're doing great! :)

I like the fingernail shot!

And the converse are hilarious!

Dave and Shannon said...

Cute! A very interesting wedding!

And here's another Ahem: just because they are a professional, doesn't mean they'll be great photos anyway. What's it been? 4+ years since our wedding and....still waiting....well, not really. We've thrown in the towel on the wedding pics.

Kellerwoman said...

How sad! Call Judge Judy!!

JOe said...

Lightroom 3 is where it's at.