Saturday, February 13, 2010

Candace and Manny

The second I found out that The Proposal was going to be played at the Paramount this weekend I went on a wild goose chase looking for an engaged couple who would allow me to take some pictures of them. Enter Candace and Manny!

They were super affectionate, and Candace looked so beautiful, which made my job easy.

As excited I was about taking these pictures, I was just as excited as getting them into Photoshop to see what that baby could do. I don't have a lot of experience with editing photos, but it was fun to experiment.

As we turned around to head back to our cars, Manny decided to dapper up and dip his bride. I had no time to put down my tripod, let alone focus, but I love that it turned out blurry. I liked it in color, but my husband suggested that I make it black and white, so I just desaturated it a bit as a compromise. That's what you do in marriage, kids.

And there it is, my first engagement photo session! My husband just gave me the best compliment – "You did it! And you didn't embarrass the family."

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WebbsPlace said...

Outstanding photos, your job was made a little easier by having a beautiful couple to shoot (I'm prejudicious, I'm her Uncle). Keep up the good work.

Uncle Brent