Sunday, March 14, 2010

Enough boys, already!

Almost all of my friends who have had babies in the last couple years have had boys. And there are two more little heartbreakers in gestation right now. (That's just a hunch. But I do secretly hope PJ and CS both have girls.) The class of 2028 is going to have slim pickins when prom season rolls around!

But the more pressing issue at hand – boy gifts aren't nearly as cute as girl gifts. Unless, of course, you make them yourself!
Congrats to Shannon and Dave who just had little Jack. Let's hope he's "little," because these 3-6 month onesies either shrunk in the wash or Gerber thinks real babies are the same size as Cabbage Patch Kids. Good thing I also bought some 18 month ones(ies).
I got the idea for this cute little necktie design on, which sells necktie bibs. We gals made a bunch for sweet little Liam before he was born, and he outgrew them within hours. His poor mom... she has the Incredible Hulk for a son!

The other problem with teenie tiny baby clothes – besides weed-like growth – is that they're barely big enough to fit around the sewing machine. Case in point:
I accidentally sewed the front and back together on this one. And these miniature duds are so delicate that one yank on the bobbin became a hole.

Speaking of bobbins... what a disaster this was! I have no idea why my dumb sewing machine kept doing this. My troubleshooting consisted of yelling, poking, and more yelling. I'm not talking about the tough love kind of yelling. I'm talking good old fashioned verbal abuse. I don't know if this one is ruined too, but the inside still felt soft enough to me, so I'll leave that up to Shannon. I just didn't want another one to go to waste.
And what's the best part of these cute little dress-up clothes?Little baby butt pockets!


EssentialEm said...

I love your completely honest! Ha Ha ha...

CUTE product! I don't think the little guy is going to care about tons of thread on the inside of his JOB WELL DONE girl!

You SO need to start an etsy shop!

PattyCrawford said...

Adorable...I love the little ties. I might sew some to Ben's t-shirts for him to wear to work.

And, yes, i agree, I think we are having a little boy too. But, that won't be confirmed for a few more weeks.

And, the back pockets are so slimming.

Carol said...

These are adorable Laura! Who knows what little Marshmallow will turn out to be, but if it's a boy I'll be giving you a call! And unlike "little" Liam, if he's anything like Jacob he'll being wearing onesies for quite a while!