Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trying to acheive SNL photography

Week after week I admire the work of Mary Ellen Matthews, the photographer responsible for still bumps you see during Saturday Night Live. 

Tonight I decided to take some of the pictures I snapped over the weekend and played around in Photoshop to try and achieve a similar style.

This is the one that turned out the most SNL-ish.  I think it looks pretty cool! 

These aren't a true before and after, because I used an already-edited version that had been uploaded to Facebook, which downgrades the quality quite a bit.  The original large unedited images are in the other room and... well...

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, Before and After.

I would like to thank my models who immediately jumped in front of the camera and shamelessly posed for several minutes... even after I'd left the room.

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