Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rules of Engagement

1.  Create a memory worth remembering
2.  Trick your girlfriend into getting dressed up
3.  Bring along a hidden camera (or seven)

Our friend Tyler gets an A+ for his proposal last night!  Check our other blog for a video of the big moment, and enjoy a couple of the pics I was able to snap.  (I'll only dwell on the positive here, ignoring the fact that most of my shots feature the backs of people's heads.)

Here's how it went down: Tyler was live on the air at Taste of Abilene last night -- which really didn't make any sense, since he's a sports reporter.  In the middle of his live shot, a dude with a microphone walked up behind him and started singing "All My Loving."  A flash mob started to form, and Tyler eventually joined in, making his way over to his unsuspecting girlfriend at a nearby table.

She said yes.

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