Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dear Santa, I would like an 8-day week.

Here are all the things I want to blog about but don't have time:

Mom & daughter aprons I made for my cousin... in October.

The fun baby shower decorations... from October (yes, it was a tailgate).
come on, folks, it's root beer and cream soda! :)

Scarves I planned to sell for $10... and made them in October.

The Blessings Board... from November (yes, I filled it out with very generic things for the photo, but added my dog's name for kicks).

The Advent wreath I made... in November.

The outcome of the Cookie Exchange Extravaganza... last weekend (no photo yet)

The Christmas card photos I took for a cool couple... on Monday :)

And, the centerpieces for my birthday party coming up on Saturday... which is like 180 miles away and I have to transport them. Great job, Kellerwoman.

And now I'll never get around to any of them, because I'll use this half-post as an excuse :).

But stay tuned in early 2011 for a post on the number one, super fun, racing heart, can't wait to start reason why I've been so busy lately!

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